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Day 7: Podcasting, Blogging & Periscope

About Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers under J.F.Penn and also writes non-fiction for authors. She’s also a professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. Her site, TheCreativePenn.com is regularly voted one of the Top 10 sites for writers. Connect with Joanna on Twitter @thecreativepenn

Interview Highlights

  • The blogging mindset and feeling like no-one is listening
  • Business models for blogging
  • The most important factors in creating a successful blog
  • Productivity tips
  • SEO and your blog
  • Marketing your blog and your podcast
  • The power of a successful blog

Free Gift:  Joanna has a great free gift on her website: The Author 2.0 Blueprint which is an ebook and mini course on how you can write, publish and sell your own book  You can find it at TheCreativePenn.com/blueprint

About Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is the creator of an incredibly successful blogging challenge which grows your writing muscles as well as increasing your visibility. Her blog Birds on the Blog gets over 3 million view a year.  Sarah has websites listed by Forbes, MSN and many other places as being the top in their niche. Sarah herself has tremendous peer recognition, and is often listed as an influencer in marketing, advertising and content marketing by sites such as Top Rank, Brand Republic and Ebuzzing amongst others.


Interview Highlights

  • Why blogging is still relevant today
  • Why blogging is important for search engine purposes
  • How to make blogging work in your expert business
  • What makes a successful blog
  • How long should your blog posts be
  • What should we be blogging about
  • How to be commercial about our blog?
  • What kind of content goes viral and gets shared

Free Gift: Sarah has generously put together two downloads.  The first is 21 ways to write a faster blog post and the second is better blog post planning.  Right click and choose ‘Save as’ to download them to your computer.

Also, if you have decided that you want to focus on blogging as a marketing strategy, make sure you register for her free 30 day blogging challenge here. 

About Shannon Lavenia

Shannon is a business coach and mentor and Periscope trainer and enthusiast.  She has had some amazing results using Periscope which we talk all about on this interview.

Shannon has achieved amazing success in a very short period of time. While operating several successful businesses, her focus is first on her family. She is a passionate entrepreneur, #rockin’ trainer, marketing expert, and most of all, a devoted wife and mother. She is known as the “jet-fuel” in both her own business, and her personal life. She uses that energy and expertise to guide fellow-entrepreneurs & small business owners to achieve the same success she has, while amazingly maintaining a work/life balance.


Interview Highlights

  • How to deal with overwhelm when you are running an online business
  • Should we be using live streaming in our business (and why!)
  • How do you build engagement on Periscope
  • What are high converting calls to action
  • How to have a flash sale
  • What to do if you are camera shy
  • Content ideas for Periscope and how long a scope should be
  • Who you should be following on Periscope

Free Gift: Shannon has put together an awesome guide on how to become a periscope master at www.BeAPeriPro.com.  It is a great resource on Periscope.

You can learn more about Shannon Lavenia at http://www.ShannonLavenia.com

Day 6: Sales & Persuasion
Available until 12:00 BST October 8th

About Bushra Azhar

Bushra is a sought-after consultant & persuasion strategist, she has been spotlighted on Forbes, Fast Company and almost 50 other super places on the Internets. She specialises in teaching how to make people tick through your words, actions and presence by being a part of the revolution.  She regularly turns over $20,000 per month and recently had a $70,000 month


Interview Highlights

  • How to build a business selling low priced courses
  • Creating an army of loyal customers
  • How to build close connection with your customers
  • How to craft a persuasive email
  • Why blogging is dead but guest blogging is alive and well
  • Creating headlines that get opens

Free Gift: Bushra has the Non-Icky Persuasion Toolkit, helps anyone who wants to up their game in persuasion on their websites/one to one interactions, but don’t want to feel icky like a used car salesmen. It’s on her home page here http://www.thepersuasionrevolution.com/

About Kymberlie Dimoz

Kymberlie specialises in developing strategic personalised business plans that add $5k, $10k, $20k+ each month into your business without overwhelm and without giving up your life. In fact Kymberlie prides herself on developing strategies that generate more income with less of your time.
With a Project Management degree plus 7 years experience directing national marketing campaigns, Kymberlieis a qualified Business strategist, communication specialist, marketing expert, launch strategist and system streamliner.
And to top it off over the past 3 years she has built 3 successful business – her current mentoring business generating consistent $25k+ each month.
Kym’s notes will be available on Monday October 5th

Interview Highlights

  • Kym’s personal new client strategy
  • How to use other people’s facebook groups to build relationships with potential clients
  • Referral marketing online
  • How to turn those conversations into sales
  • How to incentivize people to take action
  • Putting together the right offer

Free Gift:  Kym is kindly offering a free strategy session to the first 10 people that register (I have done one of these strategy sessions and it was great!) and is also offering a free report on how to get more clients with less effort.

About Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, is an author, speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach. She is recognized as one of the leading authorities on lead generation, cold  calling and new business development. Her clients include Avon Products, ADP, Sprint and thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Wendy has been featured in the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power, Inc, Forbes and various other business and sales publications. She is the author of, Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors & Closing Sales and The Sales Winner’s Handbook, Essential Scripts and Strategies to Skyrocket Sales Performance.

Interview Highlights

  • How do you convert someone who has expressed an interest in your service
  • How do you call someone you don’t have an initial relationship with
  • How do we deal with the two major objections of time &  money
  • Advice for people who are fundamentally uncomfortable selling on the phone
  • Sales red flags and how to deal with them
  • Sales incentives and creating your own sales script


Free Gift:  Wendy is offereing free eBook: ‘Cold Calling Survival Guide’. Easy read with concrete steps to start engaging with qualified prospects. You can access the ebook at coldcallingresults.com

Day 5: Branding & Strategy
Expires Monday October 5th

About Alicia Orre

Alicia has a unique approach to business building. Running her business from her laptop, she helps modern entrepreneurs grow profitable, streamlined businesses that perfectly fit their life.

Alicia says “In a modern business, you come first. The traditional, conventional way of working is outdated. What’s the point of working your tail off if you miss your children growing up and can’t go on holiday?

To me, there’s nothing sexier than helping entrepreneurs confidently take action that will achieve big freakin’ results for their business and life.”


Interview Highlights

  • How to create more balance in your expert business
  • How to be more organized and get more done
  • How to find the balance between being yourself and being professional online
  • How to develop your online personality
  • How to make Periscope (live video) work for you

Free Gift: Alicia has put together a special cheatsheet for The Expert’s Way listeners a cheat sheet on how to discover your unique brand personality that will make you stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract your perfect match clients.

You can access the cheat sheet here.

About Dee Woodward

Dee Woodward, ‘the experts branding expert’, visual linguist, marketing scholar, founder of ByDeesign Ltd, personal brand agency and Get It ByDeesign, the go-to resource for experts who want dramatically better conversations with out having to say a thing – where ’better’ means more profitable! Because you don’t have to be a designer to design like one.


Interview Highlights

  • How to choose the right images for your brand
  • What are the key elements to building an online brand identity
  • How do you make your brand reflect all the different parts of you and your business
  • What if we think our brand style is dull and boring
  • What do we do about website shame?
  • Should we be branding ourselves or our business?

Free Gift: Dee has very generously put together a personal branding handbook.  You can download the handbook here.  www.getitbydeesign.co.uk/expertbrand

She also mentioned a video series on colour which you can watch here.

About Ben Angel

Beth A. Grant is a marketing strategist, writer and the creator of numerous empowerment tools. Her Archetype Alignment™ Grid has been called the Holy Grail of Marketing and is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and coaches worldwide approach marketing and sales. She is also the author of the prolific e-book, The Four States of Being.

Interview Highlights

  • How to choose the best way for you to market your business
  • What is the alignment grid?
  • Different strategies for different people
  • What if you feel that you are more than one type?
  • Once you know what type you are – how do you use that in your business

Free Gift: Beth has kindly put together this free gift to help you discover the key to more ease, joy and revenue in your business by identifying your Marketing Archetype with this free Archetype Alignment™ Kit created by Beth A. Grant.

You’ll also receive an extra bonus: Beth‘s prolific e-book, The Four States of Being, which will help you create success from the inside out.  You can access the gift here.

About Ann Smarty

Ann is a pretty big cheese in the SEO world.  She was the previous Editor in Chief of Search Engine Journal,  and is now the  Brand & Community Manager at www.internetmarketingninjas.com and founder of MyBlogU

Interview Highlights

  • Why blogging is still relevant in 2015
  • Blogging strategies when you are just starting out
  • How much content should you create?
  • How to promote your content
  • Should we be on Google Plus?
  • How can we get more search engine traffic to our site?
  • How to get a guest post on a big blog like the Huffington Post
  • How to build a relationship with a ‘big’ blogger

Connect with Ann

You can connect with Ann at MyBlogU ,  SEOsmarty.com  and Viral Content Buzz – if you put ‘Julie Hall’ in the referral box you get 100 free credits for other people to share your content, great way to get a traffic boost.

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Day 4: Publicity, PR & Guest Blogging

About Ben Angel

Ben is Australia’s leading personal branding, lifestyle and marketing authority, also a Facebook Ads expert.   He is the author of CLICK, Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business and Flee 9-5, and Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love

With a fan base of over 50,000 internationally, he specialises in helping individuals, businesses and companies achieve rapid results in every area of their lives, to transform your profits, yourself and your team into peak performers. Ben has appeared in countless media over the years, including; CNN, BBC, Arena, Channel 7’s Sunrise, The Age, The Herald Sun, Today Tonight and more.

Interview Highlights

  • How to build a profile that is going to be attractive to the media
  • How to build a profile if you are not outgoing?
  • Creating a newsworthy story
  • What to do when it all goes wrong on social media and you get bad press
  • Getting to grips with Facebook Ads
  • How to split test your pages
  • Tips for getting started with FB ads


Free Gift: On his website Ben is giving away a free download of his 300 page marketing book PLUS Free press release template, PLUS a facebook ads planner and 50 minute free tutorial!  You can access all these goodies at http://benangel.co/theexpertsway/

About Kristen White

Author of Number 1 Amazon bestseller ‘Voice’ on how anyone can share their message on the media and make an impact in the world.  She is an award winning media expert coach who helps entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches and businesses become more powerful messengers with content creation and on-camera coaching.

Interview Highlights

  • What to include in your media kit
  • What is your unique fingerprint
  • How to make your story interesting
  • How to get noticed by mainstream media
  • How to reach out to mainstream media
  • How to create your own media

Free Gift:   Kristen is very generously offering a free copy of her book the Voice and a module from my Authentic Voice Messenger – click here to get this offer.

You can connect with Kristen at kristenwhite.net and her agency is White Media Agency

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Day 3: Groupon, Udemy & LeadMagnets
Expires at 12:00 BST October 3

About Adam Lacey

Adam joined online education firm Excel with Business (EwB) in 2012 from London based Car Club Streetcar (now Zipcar). Adam was only the 6th person to join EwB and their first sales person. Over the last 3 years he has been responsible for company-wide sales, including expanding the number of partners and reseller channels and growing the EwB customer base to over 700,000. In this time he launched and managed the sales effort behind the companies B2B brand filtered.com which is seeing year on year double digit growth.

EwB now has 30+ employees, turns over £4.5 million (about $6.5m) and Adam is a Board Director and is responsible for major partner relationships such as Groupon, Amazon as well as B2C sales and marketing strategy.


Interview Highlights

  • How to get past the Groupon Gatekeepers
  • What types of courses sell well on Groupon
  • What should we look at to determine if Groupon is the right platform for us
  • What Groupon looks for in a course
  • The commercial ins and outs of working with Groupon
  • When is the best time to sell a course on Groupon

Free Gift:

Adam has very generously offered to give all the Summit listeners 7 free modules from any of their courses.  No credit card required.  To get your free courses register here.

About Cathy Presland

Cathy is a best-selling author, mentor and highly-regarded trainer. She works with experts and professionals who want to write a book to stand-out and be known for what they do.

Cathy is widely published, has over 16,000 students in her online training courses, teaches writing classes for The Guardian Masterclass series, and is an engaging and popular speaker.

Interview highlights

  • The best types of courses to create for Udemy
  • How long your course should be
  • How long your videos should be
  • How to decide if Udemy is a good platform for you
  • How to get your Udemy customers on to your own email list
  • How the money works with Udemy
  • Advice on what to do if you want to start using Udemy for your business

Free Gift:

Cathy has two awesome freebies…  For anybody who’s writing, she has a page  at authorunlimited.com/julie links to an opt-in for 21 mistakes people make when they’re writing their books.

Also, for anyone that wants to write a book… go to http://www.authorunlimited.com/howtowriteabook for blog post on how to do just that.

If you’d like to get a copy of Cathy’s Becoming a Writer Exercises Course, you can get 20% off if you click use this link

About Tim Paige

Tim Paige is the Conversion Educator at Lead Pages. His job is to to communicate all of the information that Lead Pages gathers via events, summits, podcasts and webinars.

Tim has done ~ 400 webinars in the last two years, 170 since January this year, on top of the podcast and summits. Has created over 600 podcast intros for the voice over business.

Interview Highlights

  • How to grow a list in a crowded marketplace
  • What’s the best lead magnet (free giveaway) that you can create
  • What data should we be capturing on our sign up page
  • What psychological strategies are working today
  • The Value Bomb Reverse Squeeze page

Free Gift:

LeadPages is a fantastic tool for tracking your signups, creating awesome landing pages and creating pop up boxes on your website.  I use it extensively in my business because it is just so fast.  If you want to find out more about LeadPages, I highly recommend you sign up for one of their free webinars here.


About Catherine Watkin

Catherine is the founder of Selling from the Heart and has a fantastic programme on how to sell with ease and authenticity called Get More Clients Saying Yes!  Catherine has managed to build her business to an annual turnover of £150,000 (approx $250,000) through the power of Joint Ventures and focused launches.  On this interview she shares how she builds those all important relationships.

Interview Highlights

  • How she uses the stategy of selling your product before you make it
  • How to build those all important joint venture relationships
  • Common mistakes that other people make when it comes to JV’s
  • What makes  a successful joint venture relationship
  • What to look for when choosing your partners

Free Gift:

Catherine has a great video series on her 7 Steps to Yes video series, PLUS a special 30 min training that is not available anywhere else on How Joint Ventures Work.

You can get both gifts from Catherine’s website here.

About Trevor Turnbull

Trevor is an online reputation specialist, social media educator, LinkedIn trainer, podcast host and speaker, widely quoted in the media.  His expertise is LinkedIn, offers the ‘Linked Influence’ online course with almost 20,000 purchasers in the last 3-4 years, goal of helping people advance their careers, build their network and become more profitable. $97 course – super low risk.

Interview Highlights

  • Why LinkedIn is the best social media platform for experts and entrepreneurs
  • How to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out
  • Should you accept every LinkedIn request that comes your way
  • How to reach out to potential clients and contact on LinkedIn in a way that’s not salesy
  • What you should and shouldn’t do when reaching out to others on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn proactively as a marketing tool
  • Is LinkedIn Premium worth it

Free Gift: Trevor has lots of downloads on his website at www.trevorturnbull.com with the email opt-in.  You can find Trevor’s LinkedInfluence Course here. One big tip: check out a tool called Autopilot for LinkedIn. You can get it on our website with a discount code. Software that allows you to do things more effectively.

About Ann Wilson

Ann is known as the Wealth Chef.  She is a multimillionaire. She runs courses on achieving financial freedom, an expert on how to make, save and do more with your money. Speaker and author of The Wealth Chef. Ann is an expert on how to improve your relationship with money; get out of debt; invest easily; and make your money work hard for you so you know with certainty that you will be able to stop working and not just survive but live a life you really love and has a brilliant programme called Financial Freedom University. On the interview Ann and I talk all about her launch strategy for Financial Freedom University where she generated $250,000 of sales using affiliate and video marketing.

Interview Highlights

  • The power of compounding – taking regular action over a period of time
  • How Ann stays focused and doesn’t let overwhelm get the better of her
  • How to create more Assets in your business
  • Her exact launch strategy to get to $250,000
  • The power of data and how you can use that to get more affiliates
  • Is video the right marketing tool to use?
  • How to find affiliates for your launch

Free Gift: Ann is very generously giving away a copy of one of her paid  programmes.  The 30 Day Money Makeover.  It’s an fabulous online program, 30 days, a real makeover around your money. In it she covers, how money works; the key ingredients of wealth, how to recognize them and what to do with them to create wealth heaven instead of money hell; how to set up your wealth kitchen set up and create your wealth cookings tools;create and embed a new set of wealthy money habits;how to get Debt Free; and  how to master your time and focus to create the wealthy life you really want To access the program, go to http://www.thewealthchef.com/30days and use the discount code WEALTHY

Day 2: Facebook Marketing, Ads, Groups & pages

Mark Dawson

About Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson is the author of the best-selling John Milton and Beatrix Rose thrillers, and the founder of the Self Publishing Formula, especially well know for its course on Facebook ads for authors.  Mark recently did a launch of his Facebook Ads course for Authors and made over $250,000 on his first internet launch.

Interview highlights

  • How Mark uses Facebook Ads to grow his Author business
  • The company that Mark uses to host his online courses
  • His launch process
  • The secret to running successful ad campaigns

Free Gift:

You can find out all about Mark’s Facebook Ads strategy by joining his email list at http://www.selfpublishingformula.com  where he shares his exact list building formula using facebook ads.  Also find out more about Mark at markjdawson.com


Carrie Green

About Carrie Green

Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and has managed to build her business predominantly through her website and her Facebook Page.  Carrie has over 240,000 fans on her facebook page and currently has over 2000 members on her Business Club.  Not bad for someone who started her business without a clear business model! 

Interview Highlights

  • How Carrie got started and the secret to her initial success
  • Her facebook growth strategy
  • The four criteria for building a successful facebook page
  • How she has developed the fantastic FEA branding
  • Whether Facebook Pages are still relevant as a marketing tool
  • How Carrie stays connected with her audience on Facebook

Free Gift:

You can find out more about Carrie at the femaleentrepreneurassociation.com. In the interview Carrie mentions her post on how to overcome money blocks, which you can find here.  She has lots of free downloads available through her website.


Kimra Luna

About Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna is the creator the Be True Brand You programme and runs the very successful #FreedomHackers Facebook Group with over 17000 members.  Kimra recently made $1m in just 15 months in her business which launched in May 2014.    Kimra has managed to grow her business using Facebook Ads, Facebook Group and webinars.

Interview highlights

  • How to use webinars to build and grow your business
  • How to run a facebook group that has high engagement
  • Whether running a facebook group is right for you
  • How to grow your group organically
  • What’s working with facebook ads right now

Free Gift:

You can find out more about Kimra on her website at www.kimraluna.com where you can get her free making money with webinars course and join her Freedom Hackers Facebook Group here.


Coming tomorrow….  Getting Publicity and Getting Found Online

Ben Angel: Ben is Australia’s leading personal branding, lifestyle and marketing authority, also a Facebook Ads expert. We talk all about how to get in the media, facebook ads and personal branding.

Kristen White:  Kristen is the author of Number 1 Amazon bestseller ‘Voice’ on how anyone can share their message on the media and make an impact in the world.  We talk more about how to get in the media

Shannon Lavenia: Shannon is an Expansion strategist – helps entrepreneurs expand their online presence and increase their results.  We talk all about Periscope and why it is such a great marketing tool for experts.